Hancock Family Foundation

Grant Program

Through its grants, the Foundation seeks to support agencies dedicated to women and children’s health and welfare; education, performing arts and cultural organizations; wilderness preservation and animal protection.

Grant Policies

The general policy of the Hancock Family Foundation is to allocate funds to nonprofit philanthropic organizations whose purpose and continuing work foster various community projects that best fit the Foundation’s mission statement.

Foundation grants are generally not made to individuals, for political or religious purposes, to retire indebtedness, for the payment of interest or taxes, annual campaigns, scholarships, endowments, emergency funding, to influence legislation or elections, or to private foundations and other grant-making organizations.

Grants are normally made for a one-year period, although in special circumstances consideration may be given to support a project for two or three years. The Foundation prefers not to consider more than one proposal from an organization within a twelve-month period. Maximum grant awards are determined annually; currently the average grant amount is $2000. The Foundation Board of Directors reviews each proposal.